WPE Web Audit: Victor’s Method

Note: Do Not Share Outside WPE

This is a trial I am sharing with WP Elevation friends. I’m offering exclusively for free (for now) in exchange for continued feedback.

Why Am I Doing This?

I’ve been a WP Elevation member since 2014 and consistently earn $200-500k annually from my WordPress business allowing me to live comfortably in New York City.

I get 100-150 leads organically but only 3-5 become paying customers every month and only 1 of those convert to retainer clients. I’m terrible at follow up and know I could do better. By doubling my sales conversion rate I could double my business.

Thanks to my WP Alumni group I’ve decided to do this for 2 primary reasons. First, accountability and second to benefit other members of the WPE community.

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  1. Awesome stuff Victor, many thanks for taking the time to share. I’d certainly be interested in more details on what you’re doing on the Advanced side of things in the future – looks great 🙂

  2. Hi Victor
    Thanks so much for putting this together, it was a real insight and really useful to see how you put everything together into your funnel. I like how you deliver it in a way which gives real value and at the same time doesn’t put people under pressure. I don’t have much experience with FB Ads and creating audiences so I was really interested in that too.
    I would definitely be interested in being kept in the loop with how this evolves.
    Thanks so much for your time in putting all this together.

  3. Excellent video, I found the slide with the funnel diagram to be most useful, I know how retargeting works but I think limiting the advertising to people who have interacted with your brand is totally appropriate.

    One point I would like to recommend: you didn’t leave any way for people to sign up. Where are you compiling your list of 30 names?

    1. Hey, Daniel. No need to opt-in yet 🙂 I’ll announce if I create the mini-course on WP elevation or MyWebAudit FB groups. Just trying to see if 20-30 people are interested via comments. Thanks

  4. Hi Victor,
    Great intro, I am interested to learn more. Specifically about the tools you use and how to implement them to generate leads. I followed your advice from your post about Upwork too, just waiting to hear back if I’m approved.

  5. Really valuable insights! As you know, I signed up a couple of months ago, chucked it on an exit intent and left it there to do nothing.

    I really like how well thought out, structured and logical your funnel is, there are a lot of tweaks and learning I’ve taken from this and will be implementing on my own funnel.

    Some really important areas you included as well for me we’re the additional details on the squeeze and thank you pages as well as the extra places that you are advertising the audit.

    One thing I really liked was that you’re running the reports manually once a lead has become qualified, and you are positioning yourself in front of the right audience.

    Well done!

  6. Hi Victor – I really appreciate the spirit of teaching that you bring to the WPE group (& to the ATL WordCamp!). This really opened my eyes about how I could be leveraging this tool. Right now, it’s a little advanced for me, but by showing me a future step, you’re helping me move forward. The most interesting to me is how you’re using the audit in the funnel process – not just a “sign up for a free audit” type of thing. Thank you! (I’m not ready for an advanced class, but I may be in the not too distant future!)

  7. Hey Victor,
    I have really enjoyed your posts in the MyWebAudit facebook group as well as the video above. I find your approach very straight forward but also detailed and actionable.
    I would definitely be interested in a course on what you are doing and the specifics of how you are doing it. I always learn the most from “case study” style teaching, seeing how others implement ideas, and that seems to be what you are doing here.
    Looking forward to it man!
    Thanks, Rich

  8. Yes Victor!

    This looks like the ticket. Looking forward to learning more about FB Ads, Automation and advanced strategies and tactics.


    – Kase

  9. Hi Victor
    Thank you so much, yes a really good resource.
    Definitely, like to use MyWebAudits as a lead magnet.
    Please keep me informed.
    Thanks for taking the time and offering it to WPE’s.

  10. Thanks Victor, great content and yes, would be interested in your mini-course. Can definitely see the value in using MWA as part of a lead magnet strategy.

  11. Hi Victor,

    Thanks for sharing this. It was very insightful and structure. Please keep me informed as I’m interested in the course and would like to learn more about this.

  12. Super interested in seeing more of your process if you make this into a course – keep me informed – thanks Victor

  13. Hey Victor,

    Thanks for sharing. I love what you’re saying about using the audit as a qualifier and how you’re automating everything. Would love to hear more about your process.

  14. Hey Victor, just watched this great video as I’m revisiting MWA for lead gen after signing up when it launched and sitting on it til now. What a great outline of your process and such a thorough explanation of each of the journeys.
    Would be interested in the further learning if you’re still working toward creating a course – i know your focus may be elsewhere now.
    thanks again – huge!

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