NYU Studio 20

Tools & Techniques

These tools are only recommendations. You can find alternatives (maybe better!) by Googling the tool name plus “alternatives.” Always look for free, student, or non-profit discounts!

RivalIQ – Social Media Comparison

Use free tools (or paid) to get full reports comparing brands across all major social media platforms. Works with Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and more.

RivalIQ Free Instagram Comparison

NinjaOutreach – Automated Influencer Outreach

Find and automate outreach with influencers based on keywords, similar followers, and more.

Ninja Outreach – Example Podcast Search

Cloudinary – Digital Asset Management

A DAM is a tool for major & minor publishers. All of your files are in the cloud with real workflows, processing, and machine learning features. This is Dropbox or Google Drive to the next level.

Cloudinary DAM Features & Benefits guide

SEMRush – White Space SEO Analysis

Stop thinking about what to write to rank or get your content found. Use an analysis tool to find the white space between various publications.

SEMRush is a market leader in search engine optimization analysis through its tools and API. Their API is even used by competitor tools.

SEMRush White Space Analysis